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Bamboo Plus is a leading supplier of planter boxes in Melbourne with a range of sizes and colours to suit many plant types, including bamboo planter boxes. They are high quality, durable and can be delivered.

Elevate Your Garden in Melbourne with Custom Planter Boxes

Investing in custom planter boxes can really make your indoor or outdoor area look great! They can be used to hide a fence, block access to somewhere you don’t want people going, define a specific area, or just add aesthetic appeal to the space.

Do outdoor planter boxes need drainage?

Whether it’s a pot, trough or planter box, every container that is growing a plant needs drainage holes. Unfortunately many people fail to consider suitable drainage which can harm a plant or even kill it. Or planter boxes all come with drainage holes.

How deep should a garden planter box be?

A good minimum depth for raised garden beds is 20cm. If the plants are sensitive to too much moisture around their roots, it can be worth having deeper boxes which allows water to seep better.

Do you deliver to other parts of Australia?

As well as Melbourne and throughout Victoria, we can deliver planters boxes to Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart, as well as regional areas in those states.

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