Dwarf Green (Plieoblastus distichus)

Dwarf Green (Plieoblastus distichus)


Dwarf Green

180mm POT

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Bamboo Ground Covers are perfect for filling banks, borders, rock walls, raised garden beds, pots and troughs. They are the ideal plant for filling roundabouts and other public areas where a short, tough, drought tolerant, easy to grow plant is needed. These are a spreading variety of bamboo, very similar to lawns and can be contained with a simple root barrier if desired. Heavy pruning in winter is recommended to promote lush, fresh growth in spring.

Dwarf Green has crispy green foliage. It will give you fluffy foliage up to 40cm in height, and will flush back denser and fresher when trimmed down regularly.

Bamboo Ground Covers are best planted out in a grid-like fashion to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. Recommended planting is 50cm apart, closer for faster results. 

Follow our bamboo planting guide (provided with your purchase) to achieve the best results. The guides are helpful and easy to follow, and assist you in achieving the best results in the shortest amount of time. Most of the effort in growing your bamboos is preparation and the first few months after planting

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180mm Pot

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