Polystone Lightweight Planter Boxes – Square

Polystone Lightweight Planter Boxes – Square



400mm x 400mm

500mm x 500mm

600mm x 600mm


Monument , Concrete Grey ,Black Terrazzo, White Terrazzo

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We pride ourselves in offering the best lightweight planter boxes in a range of sizes and colours. GRC’s combination of strength and flexibility means that designers can create lighter, thinner structures that are both tough and easy to handle. It’s a high-impact material with a strength-to-weight ratio above most alternatives. The glass fibre has a tensile strength three to four times greater than the equivalent steel fibre, while GRC’S compressive strength is better than regular cement. Typically manufactured to a thickness of 10mm, GRC panels are generally 80 per cent lighter than precast concrete, making them easier and cheaper to handle with reduced transport costs due to less reliance on scaffolding or heavy cranes.


GRC is constructed from naturally-occurring raw materials. The composite is based on natural earth oxides that are generally considered safe for the environment. The wash water used during manufacturing is also alkaline, and usually stored in settlement tanks and not released through drainage. Research is on it’s side, too showing that GRC has a lower environmental impact than other building materials due to its light weight, which also means that it consumes less energy during transport, reducing costs in the process.


The weathering characteristics of GRC are as good as any precast material and better than semi-dry materials. Unlike traditional reinforced cement, GRC is not at risk of corrosion and requires minimal maintenance. Its components can be specially formulated for greater protection and durability, with a wide range of products available that offer additional resistance to impact, weather, water, chemicals and fire. The resilience of GRC has been heavily tested and its robust nature is widely accepted as a result

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Monument, Concrete Grey, Black Terrazzo, White Terrazzo


400mm x 400mm, 500mm x 500mm, 600mm x 600mm

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