Lilly Pilly Australe Ultimate Suburban Hedge

Lilly Pilly Australe Ultimate Suburban Hedge


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Lilly Pilly Australe Ultimate Suburban Hedge


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Straight and Narrow Syzygium australe

  • Psyllid resistant Lilly Pilly
  • Naturally very narrow
  • A screen or hedge for tight planting areas

Description: Straight and Narrow Syzygium is a very slender, semi-compact and dense plant.

It has tight, attractive leaves and white flowers that proceeds to beautiful pink/red fruit.

Size: 5-8m high x 1-1.5m wide. Can be pruned down to 2m.

Planting Density: 1 plant per m², 1-1.5 plants per linear metre.

Uses: Perfect for constricted planting areas, such as along fences and driveways. Also works well for topiary.

Position: Full sun to shade. Suits moist, well drained soil types. Tolerates cold and dry.

Care: Water as required for 8-13 weeks until established. Plant in a well mulched garden (chunky mulch is recommended).

If required use slow release fertiliser in spring. Prune twice yearly for a very tidy hedge or every 2-3 years as a wider screen plant.

Natural Psyllid resistance makes it unlikely to have this problem.

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