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Oldhamii is one of the best multi-use acreage bamboo species. Fantastic for screening, as a windbreak and noise barrier, has edible shoots (its common name is Sweet Shoot Bamboo!) and useful poles for construction. Oldhamii is a large bamboo, so is suitable for large blocks or acreage properties.

It has an upright growth habit (most bamboo fan out wide) with green foliage. The natural footprint size of the clump is 2-3mtrs however this species could be grown in narrower garden beds down to 1.5mtrs, but wouldn’t quite get as tall. Oldhamii is extremely fast growing, low maintenance and drought and frost tolerant. For these reasons it is a well loved species for farms or acreage. It can act as shade for cattle, grown for the natural bamboo mulch production, useable poles and of course the edible shoots.

Clumping bamboo grow circular, so plant them the same distance apart as the width you have available. Eg. if your planting trench is 2mtrs wide, you would plant them 2mtrs apart to form a dense screen. The narrower the space, the closer you plant the bamboo together. For more information, talk to one of our helpful and knowledgable staff members for professional advice on your garden circumstances. Different circumstances have different solutions!

Follow our bamboo planting guide (provided with your purchase) to achieve the best results. The guides are helpful and easy to follow, and assist you in achieving the best results in the shortest amount of time. Most of the effort in growing your bamboos is preparation and the first few months after planting.

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